Lake of Melissani – Kefalonia

The subterranean lake of Melissani was discovered in 1951 by the speleologist Gianni Petrochilo. In antiquity the lake was used as a place of worship dedicated to god Pan. According to the myth nymph Melissani committed suicide in the lake because god Pan rejected her love. In the lake the archeologist S. Marinatos discovered the sanctuary of Pan and its findings are exhibited in the archeological museum in Argostoli. Other myths say that the lake took its name from the shepherdess Melisanthe who, looking for her lost sheep, fell into the lake and drowned. The cave is about 40 metres wide, 35 metres high and 4 metres long.

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Sami, Kefalonia

Lat:  38.21552506654349

Long:  20.655670166015625