Lake Plastira and Agrafa

The long artificial lake extends from north to south, and is deeper in the south beside the dam. The Megdova and Tavropos Rivers begin at this point, and flow into another artificial lake (Kastraki) where they meet the Agrafioti and Acheloos Rivers.

Low forested hills lie east of the lake. In the west rises the eastern Agrafa mountain range, whose highest peaks are Voutsikaki (2,154m) and Borlero (2,016m).

The Agrafa Mountains form part of the Pindou mountain range and are composed of three peak clusters that form petal-like outcrops around the Agrafioti River Valley.

The largest part of the Agrafa region falls under the Prefectural Administration of Evritanias and the northern areas fall under the Karditsa Prefecture.

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Lat:  39.35659979720227

Long:  21.868972778320312