Samaria Gorge

Over 40 inaccessible and stunning peaks, each at an altitude of over 2,000m, crown the Lefka (White) Mountains. Among them lies the Omalou plateau. From here, at an altitude of 1,227m, the Samarias Gorge starts to take shape. It tirelessly slides deep into the white rock and shrubberies, wide in some places and narrow in others, finally to enter the sumptuous embrace of the Mediterranean Sea south of Crete.

The Samarias Gorge region from Xiloskalo up to the entrance of Agia Roumeli village was proclaimed a National Park in 1962. The region is considered especially significant regionally and ecological due to its rare and diverse natural environment. The Lefka Mountains National Park and the surrounding region have been listed in the European NATURA 2000 Network. The region is included in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves, and defined as a Special Conservation Area of the Mediterranean under the Barcelona agreement.

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Chania – Crete



Lat:  35.46738105960409

Long:  23.946075439453125