Mount Kissavos (Ossa)

Mount Kissavos (Ossa) in Thessaly, central Greece, is a mountain of unique natural beauty.

The Mt Kissavos bid is aimed at blocking harmful human intervention, given that the prize money will be used exclusively for interventions for upgrading and protecting the winning region.

Mt Kissavos is a mountain (1978 metres altitude) in the district of Larissa in Thessaly, between Pelion and Olympus, from which it is separated by the Vale of Tempe. In Greek mythology, the Giants are said to have attempted to pile it upon Mount Pelion during the Gigantomachy, in their attempt to scale Olympus.

The town of Agia is seated on the southeast part of mount Kissavos (Ossa), while the rest of the villages of the region are built on the slopes of Kissavos and Mavrovouni.

The east part of the region faces the Aegean sea forming a very long coast, rocky in part but mostly sandy.

Kissavos is mentioned in Greek mythology together with mountains Olympus and Pelion but its current name comes from a reference made by Anna Komnini in ‘Alexiada’ (12th century).

Kissavos is adorned with picturesque villages(Anatoli,Megalovriso, Metaxohori, Melivia), waterfalls and ravines ends along the lacy coast of Agean sea. A large area of Kissavos, defined as ‘Aesthetic Forest’, is under protection of the European network ‘Natura 2000’.

Very near there are the beaches Ayiokampou, Paralia Papakosta, Rokopotamou, Velika, Koutsoupia, Paliouria, where sports fields for beach volley, beach soccer and tennis are located.

There are mountain paths that you can follow so that you can discover monasteries such as the Koimisi tis Theotokou and the Theologou. The area is suitable for nightlife because there are many beach bars in the beautiful beaches mentioned above. Thus you are not going to feel bored no matter how long you stay in beautiful Polydendri.

Mountain Ossa or Kissavos is filled with forest trails that cross scenery of exquisite beauty. Fir, beech, acorn and chestnut trees unite with the blue of the sky and sea and compose a multi-coloured palette, which enchants the visitor. Alternative tourism activities are many. Ravines, lakes and passages are offered for a variety of activities, all year long, such as trekking and bicycling. Visitors who will climb up the eastern peaks of Kissavos Mt will be able to admire the magic view to the Aegean Sea.

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