“Ktima Fuga” honey

In Fuga Farm, from our very first steps in bee-keeping, in 1993, we have applied the principles of Biological Bee-keeping, setting out from the demands of our ecological conscience, as they are expressed in the European legal framework, long before they were officially adopted by the Greek law (the first official embodiment of the term “biological bee-keeping” and of the principles that govern it in the Greek legal framework, dates in 2003).Perceiving bees as a living organism, our bee-keeping practice is orientated towards respect to the natural existence of the hive. Always taking as much as the limit of their “offering” permits, we never supercede this limit, for this would possibly endanger the survival of this living organism – system.

For this reason, the “Ktima Fuga” honey, is always produced in an relatively restricted quantity, so that we are not led to a vain exploitation of the natural resources of the bees, since our aim is a qualitative and biological bee-keeping.

Due to this:
Α) We use special bee-hives that, according to the relevant studies, are comparable to the real environment of a natural hive.
Β) We always let our bees be fed by the honey they produce. Only in case a hive faces an extreme danger, we may externally provide it exclusively with food that is acceptable in terms of biological bee-keeping and in the exact quantity it needs in order to be fed (but not to accumulate), so that the honey that will reach the consumer will be the best possible product of the bees.

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