Earth Festival in Vlasti Kozanis

The Earth Festival has been organized consecutively since 2001, during the first 15 days of July, in the mountain community of Vlasti (1.240 m altitude), at the heart of Western Macedonia region, Greece. The Earth Festival is organised by Ecotopia in collaboration with Vlasti Community. It lasts 5 days and is visited by more than 15.000 visitors.

Earth Festival is meant to be a celebration of ecology, aiming in transforming a general sensibility for the environment into an experience, a change of lifestyle and an active participation. Through a festive atmosphere the Earth Festival can spread out messages for the environment and the ever-increasing environmental problems, as well as information about the efforts and activities of the environmental organisations.

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Vlasti Kozanis



Lat:  40.42290582797254

Long:  21.5716552734375