Naxos Festival

The Naxos Festival at Bazeos Tower, which began in the summer of 2001, was a bold and imaginative move to transform an exceptional 17th century landmark monument into a temple of learning and culture, fulfilling its original purpose in the present-day. After extensive restoration work, accomplished through the exclusive use of private funds, the task of displaying the monument was assumed by the Cultural Not-for-Profit Organization AEON, in association with the Benaki Museum, as well as various institutes, universities and museums, both in Greece and abroad.

Their philosophy may be summarised in three parts:

– Culture requires free expression, time, education and organization.
– Culture unavoidably encompasses tradition, yet it should always face forward with contemporary and bold proposals.
– Culture must be linked to all aspects of contemporary life, so long as it is high art, incorporates metaphor, and seeks to change, redirect and transform everything we find unbearable around us.

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