International Diving Festival of Kalymnos 2007

The island of sponge divers, Kalymnos, could not organize something different but a diving festival. The International Diving Festival of Kalymnos 2007 is organized from 19-30 August 2007 and includes exciting scuba and freediving in a volcano crater and wrecks, cliff diving, underwater target shooting, ouzo party and much more.

In Kalymnos diving is a way of leaving!

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[flexiblemap center=”36.95098926024788,26.970062255859375″ title=”International Diving Festival of Kalymnos 2007″ directions=”true” dirdraggable=”true” width=”100%” zoom=”12″ hidestreetview=”false” hidescale=”false”]
Lat:  36.95098926024788

Long:  26.970062255859375

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