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Forest Village

The forest village “Driades” is situated at the southeastern slopes of Mount Pindos, 950m height.It contains 20 wooden home settlements, with two rooms each, 80 beds in total, appropriately equipped to ensure a comfortable residence, a restaurant, athletic fields, large volleyball and basketball courts, as well as three car parks.

The area is enclosed within a wooden fence and takes up space of 2.5 hectares. The visitors can only walk in the village on helical, stone-paved little roads

The area is wooded by huge firs and oak trees, a scenery of a unique natural beauty, and an amazing succession of all kinds of Greek flora.

The location of this forest village can be used as a base for a visit to the beautiful picturesque villages of Agrafa and of Neuropolis, rich in historical tradition, to archeological sights, and to historical and religious places with rare religious treasures.

The visitor sets off from the town of Karditsa, passes along the archaeological sight of Kallithiro, where the municipality of Itamos is situated, and heads towards Kastania village. At the crossroad of Kastania, he follows on the left the road to Karoplesi and arrives at the forest village, 1km after the district of Anthiro village.

Of special intetrest, are:

Lake Plastira.
The reservoir of the lake.
The top-line of Mount Agrafa.
Tavropos or Megdovas river.
The Mantania estate which composes a unique museum of water-driven.
The temple and the icons of the Saint Mary’s church in the center of Kastania village.
The holy monastery of Petra Katafygi.
The archaological site and the castle of Kallithyro. The school of Karoplesi. The Museum of National Resistence, in Mouha village.
The monastery of Holy Mary’s Birth, in Neraida village.
The monastery of Saint Tryfonas, in the forest of Mouha.
The fountain of Itamos.

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