Hotel Primoula

Zagori, Vikos Gorge, Voidomatis…..a unique place protected from the outside world by high mountains.Marvelous traditional stone built settlements, in harmony with nature, bridges, fountains, wells, monasteries, virgin beech and oak forests, rare plants and herbs…..

And Primoula, the endemic flower of Zagori, which blooms in the winterin the snow…..

Here in Central Zagori, at the traditional village “Ano Pedina”, Primoula quest-house has recently opened at a restored 1870’s mansion aiming at a high quality accommodation

Primoula is in the center of the village “Ano Pedina” which is 35 Km far from Ioannina and almost 7 Km far from Vikos Gorge

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Ano Pedina – Central Zagori



Lat:  39.85915479295669

Long:  20.740127563476562