Forest Village

The Forest Village “KAPSITSA” was created in a beautiful landscape on the southeastern side of Giona Mountain, of 1.000m height.It is 20km away from Amfissa. The road leading to this area is an asphalt roadway for the first 8 km (national road Amfissa – Lidorikiou), while the rest is macadamized in a very good condition.

It consists of twenty appropriately equipped houses, built in such a distance from each other, so as to ensure the guest’s tranquility, while preserving the sense of a single settlement. There is also a beautiful restaurant, a ground court for children and playgrounds for the young visitors. The infrastructure works and the human intervention to the environment was confined to the absolutely necessary degree, so that no permanent damages would be caused to nature.

Giona Mountain, 2.510m height in total, – the fifth higher mountain in Greece – dominating over the town of Amfissa, has a huge ecological significance and an unrivalled natural beauty.

The forest village that is surrounded by forests can serve as a basis for a variety of short or far away routes, on foot or by car, to enjoy nature, while the visitor can visit many sights of the area such as:

The archeological sight of Delphi, 40 km in distance.
The marine museum in Galaxidi, 45 km in distance.
The national park of Mount Parnassos, 65 km in distance.
The Rekka canyon, 16 km in distance.
The picturesque towns of Amfissa (20 km) and Itea (32 km), the Byzantine monastery of Holy Mary Prosiliou (13 km), that of the Prophet Ilias (35 km), the reservoir of Mornos (60 km), as well as the technical lake of Mornos (60 km).

Therefore, the coolness of the summer created by the fir trees and the snugness of winter guaranteed by the accommodation facilities, create the conditions for an unforgettable environmental experience.

Tel.: 210 7518 289, 6972 882738
Forest Inspection of Amfissa, Tel. 22 560 28 264
E-mail: [email protected]

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