Forest Village

The forest village “Ano Doliana” of Arkadia Prefecture is situated on the northern side of mount Parnon, 1,180 m height, at the area Horeftarou-Krekiza of the mountainous settlement called Ano Doliana, 20 km southeast of the town of Tripolis.

It is extended in an area of 2.9 hectares and consists of 20 wooden houses. Some of them have one bedroom for 2-3 people to be accommodated, while other houses have two separated bedrooms for 4-5 people. The detached houses have a bathroom, a kitchen, a refrigerator, a living room with a fireplace and a dining room..

There is also a central restaurant for 200 people, with a large fireplace in the middle, where the visitors can enjoy the local delicacies made from arcadian recipes, utilizing authentic local products.

During the whole year, the visitor can escape for a while, away from the stress and pollution of the large cities and wander around the picturesque environment of the forest village, with its stone walls, terraces and paths, he can observe and admire the rich nature and how it functions, love it and protect it. The visitor can also learn the history and the way of life of the citizens of Arcadia, as the location of the forest village can be also used as a base for visits to the beautiful traditional villages of the area..

Visitors of the forest village have the opportunity to participate in alternative activities such as horse riding, mountain-cycling, paint bull, trekking and archery

The forest village Ano Doliana can offer environmental training and provide information to the visitors about conferences and seminars of forestry and environmental concerns, whereas it can also facilitate students of all levels of education.

Tel: 2710 222194
Mobile: 6978 971575

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Long:  22.576904296875