Guesthouse GAIA in Dilofo – Zagori

“Gaia” guesthouse is located in Dilofo, which is one of the most beautiful and best preserved villages in central Zagori, 32 km away from Ioannina. The visitors of the village experience its historyand tradition, since there have only been few interventions to its architecture since the beginning of our century. There are numerous stone fountains, cobbled footpaths, many country churches, and picturesque small taverns.

“Gaia” has been recently opened at a carefully restored ancient building of 1886. There are seven rooms in the guesthouse. Each room has its own flavor of culture and style offering quality and comfortable accommodation to the guests.

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Dilofo, Zagori



Lat:  39.87127666240552

Long:  20.745620727539062