Skiing in Elatochori

The ski resort of Elatochori is located at “Papa Chorafi” on the boundaries of the Prefectures of Pieria, Imathia and Kozani. Its base is at an altitude of 1400 m and it extends upwards to 1700m, where you will find the first lift at “Litharistou”. It is in the process of expanding to reach “Thoma-Rachi” at an altitude of 2054 m. it is 36 km from Katerini and 8 km from Elatochori.
The resort is the responsibility of a Limited Liability Company, founded in 1996. It has been in operation since 2000 and has a 1287m long two seater cable lift which can accommodate 1200 people an hour as well as a 130 m long nursery lift with a capacity of 600 people an hour.The main piste, 1500 m in length, is red standard and the 2000m bowl shaped nursery slopes (15% inclination) and the beginners piste (250 m) are green standard.
There is a shop which provides all the necessary ski equipment for hire. The company is planning to expand the parking space, build a chalet and set up a ski school in the near future. In the longer term the company is planning to construct a 1500 m lift as an extension of the existing one, ending at “Saltapida” at a height of 1990 m.Three tow lifts from Saltapida of 150, 500 and 900 m length and three lifts to “Thoma-Rachi” are also in the pipeline at an altitude of 2054 m which will create six new pistes. In addition, a second chalet is to be built at the base of the resort for the convenience of visitors and skiers and a further chalet at Litharista, mid way between where you will be able to enjoy yourself 24 hours a day. Six to eight snow-bars are planned for assorted locations all over the ski resort and in addition to a road a snowmobile team is planned for the woodland tracks.

The picturesque mountain village of Elatochori has cafes, hotel and rooms to let.

Information can be had from the head office of the company in Elatochori: TEL 23510 – 82994, FAX 23510 – 82993.