Mount Olympus


It is not known when the first attempts were made at climbing Mount Olympus, but historical sources claim that the Ancient Greeks climbed all the way to the “Plateau of the Muses”, and on to “Prophet Ilias”. However, it is thought that the first person to explore Olympus was Agios Dionisios.

Greek and European mountaineers, scientists and explorers have tried to conquer the mythical mountain on many occasions, but it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that its highest peak, Mytikas, was conquered. This was achieved on August 2nd, 1913 by two Swiss mountaineers, Frederic Boissonas and Daniel Baud-Bovy.

Their guide, Christos Kakalos from Litochoro, became the first official guide to the mountain. Many visitors have climbed to the peak since this time, and more than 25,000 mountaineers from all over the world conquer the summit each year.

If you wish to climb the East slope of the mountain your ascent will begin in Litochoro. The “Greek Mountaineering Club” and the “Club of Greek Climbers” both have their headquarters here. They can provide information and assistance to any climbers as well as find guides and mule-drivers for those who wish to use animals to assist them with their climb. Similar assistance is provided by the “Greek Mountaineering Club” and the “Club of Greek Climbers” of Katerini, located in the town of Katerini.

There are 4 basic routes of differing levels of difficulty beginning in the Litochoro area, all marked on maps.
• Litochoro – Enipeas Gorge – Old Monastery of Agios Dionisios – Prionia
• Prionia – shelter “Spilios Agapitos” – Peaks
• Litochoro – Livadaki – Kalogeros – Peaks
• Diastavrosi or Gortsia – “Plateau of the Muses” – Peaks

There is a beautiful ROUTE ON Lower OLYMPUS joining three old villages, mainly suitable for hiking
• Palei Pori – Palios Panteleimonas – Ano Skotina

There are also many mountain tracks beginning on the North East side of the mountain:
• Dion – stream “Orlia” – Koromilia – Petrostronga
• stream “Agia Triada” – Papa Aloni
• Agia Triada – Krevatia – Barbalas – “Plateau of the muses”

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