The Folk Art Museum of Kipi in the Central Zagori.

The village of Kipi was the capital of Kentriko Zaghori (Central Zaghori). Apart from the beautiful houses and the amphitheatrically built square, you must visit the Folk Art Museum, the life-work of Agapios Tolis, with 50.000 exhibits from the daily life in Zaghori.

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Kipoi – Zagori



[flexiblemap center=”39.86442543413277,20.75042724609375″ title=”The Folk Art Museum of Kipi in the Central Zagori.” directions=”true” dirdraggable=”true” width=”100%” zoom=”12″ hidestreetview=”false” hidescale=”false”]
Lat:  39.86442543413277

Long:  20.75042724609375

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