In December 1986 the Municipal Art Gallery of Thessaloniki moved into its new quarters in a building located at 162 Queen Olga Street, at the corner of 25th of St. Built in 1905 by architect Xenophon Paionidis, and now the property of the Municipality, it is fine example of the eclectic style of architecture that flourished in Thessaloniki, especially in the then suburban district known as “the Towers” or “the Villas”, at the turn of the century. The older residents of the city know it as the “Villa Mordoch”, from the name of the family who occupied it from 1930 – 1940. The building is distinctive for its rich mixture of elements drawn from the Neo-classical, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau styles, and which vary from one facade to the next, thus accentuating the pluralism of the structure. Also of interest is the decorative paintwork of the interior – well preserved in certain rooms – as well as the woodcarving.

Address: Vas. Olgas 162, Thessaloniki Zip Code 54646
Tel. 2310 425 531, fax 2310 411 101

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Lat:  40.613952441166596

Long:  22.928466796875