The Water-driven Estate is situated on the riverside area of Meganiti, in the settlement of Eftapita, which is exactly on the boundary between the Municipality of Egio and the newly-established Municipality of Sympolitia in Egialia.

It concerns an Industrial Estate which has been decided upon as Preservable by the Ministry of Culture and is a significant token of the first industrial period in Greece: Page of the Government Newspaper 1069 – 29/12/1995. It consists of an OIL-PRESS – a MILL – and a GENERATING POWER-STATION.

It became preservable in 1995. During the years 1995-97 the process of restoration on the part of the Oil-Press and the Generating Power-Station was completed. These installations compose 85% of the entire estate.

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Aigio – Achaia



Lat:  38.258941052897

Long:  22.054710388183593