Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia – Thrace

The Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia-Thrace focuses on the scientific study and research of mainly the material culture in Northern Greece during the most recent centuries and years. It collects and preserves material documents, which it presents to the public through its permanent and temporary exhibitions and its broader cultural and educational activity. Material culture covers the productive activities (agriculture, stock raising, etc.) and artisanal crafts ( weaving, embroidery, pottery, metalworking, etc.) that served the basic living needs of the community ( housing, clothing, food) in the framework of human social organization and intellectual life.

The goals of the museum, which are defined by its various sectors of activity, are:

1. To promote scientific research into traditional culture, including in collaboration with other institutions and bodies in Greece and abroad.
2. To rescue and preserve artefacts relating to traditional culture and to communicate the results of research into and study of this culture by any and all means.
3. To assure an advisory superintendence over museums and collections in Northern Greece and to collaborate with collections and bodies for the further promotion of traditional culture.

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