Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

The aim of the museum is to illuminate various aspects of the culture which developed in Macedonia, primarily in the Thessaloniki area and neighboring prefectures, over a long chronological period: from the dawn of prehistory until late antiquity, i.e., until the first Christian centuries. The goal was for the museum presentations to be entirely human-centered, re-creating the life and times of the people who once made their home in this part of Greece to the greatest extent possible on the basis of the finds and research. How did they dress? What did they eat? How did they travel? What gods did they worship? How did they memorialize their dead? How they were socially and politically organized? With whom were they in contact, exchanging objects and ideas?

A large team of scholars, technicians, and administrators, inspired in large part by the lessons of modern museology, worked towards the recreation of this past. The results represent the fruit of an extended period of collective work,which will hopefully be judged worthy of the wider public’s high expectations.

Everyone is welcome to experience and enjoy everything a modern museum has to offer the public: educational programs, exhibitions dealing with both ancient and modern civilization, workshops, lectures, seminars, and recreational events.

The Museum of Thessaloniki is a place of culture and learning, open to everyone!

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