Goulandris Museum of Natural History

Goulandris Museum of Natural History is a public welfare institution, devoted to study, conservation and protection of natural environment.

Ever since its foundation it has mapped a pioneer route, a new rapprochement between man and natural environment. It has developed efficient scientific activities for the confrontation and inhibition of environmental threats against the planet and for the rehabilitation of natural resources for the preservation of life. In the meantime, it has formulated a new education of general interest for the re-integration of people into the functions and economy of Nature.

With the responsibility of the Greek geography, the Greeks’ educational space, the Institution develops international activity pursuing our historical and cultural tradition and ecumenical consideration of the world.

The Museum works for the preservation of our natural environment, by:

-Daily teaching hundreds of visitors, mainly children of school age.
-Distributing knowledge into society through meetings, conferences, publications and exhibitions.
-Developing high-technology workshops focusing on research of the life-giving natural resources: soil, water and air, in relation to nutrition and health.
-Cooperating with other scientific centres and institutes in Europe and the USA, in the field of biotechnology, soil ecology and analytical chemistry.

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