The pantheon of Samothrace

It is found in the northern side of island, westwards the Ancient city. The oldest religious activity is placed in the 7th century e.g. while the permanent manufactures are dated from first half the 4th century e.g. and mainly in the 3rd century e.g. Holy were dedicated in the adoration and the performance of Mysteries of Big Gods that radiated during the Greek and Romian antiquity. These gods that are reported with the name Kabeiroi remain still enigmatic and unknown.

The first research was made by the French Consul M. Champoiseau in 1863 in the Monument of Victory. Then two French missions in 1866 and in 1891 in concave the Theatre. The first systematic excavations took place in 1873 and 1875 from Austrian A. Conze. From 1938 in Holy, excavations are made by the University of New York with the address of K. Lehmann and afterwards the J.R. Mc.Credie. In 1956 they were restored the five columns and central epistyles forward part Holy with the economic support of Institution of Bollingen.

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Lat:  40.48978184687258

Long:  25.520553588867188