Diomidis Botanical Garden in Athens

In Athens, where the grey of the buildings is the major hue, the botanic garden has been justly characterized the garden of pleasures. It is situated in the area of Chaidari, in one of the west Athens suburbs and it is the largest botanic garden of the South-eastern Mediterranean with an excellent organization and amazing number of plants and trees, seldom found in Greece. Special signs in Greek and Latin inform us about the origins and name of plants, making our walk in the garden, an amazing opportunity for enjoying ecologic promenades and embracing nature.

Historically, the first botanic garden in the world was created in Athens in the 4th century BC by Aristotle and his pupil Theophrastos, considered today as the father of the botanic science. Julia and Alexander N. Diomides Botanic Garden or Diomidis Botanic Garden is situated in the suburb of Chaidari in an area of 150 ha and has more than 2.500 plant species from all over the world.

In no botanic garden in the world can one see all these subjects that the Diomidis botanic garden can offer to the visitor. One can see plant species that are mentioned in the ancient Greek mythology even in the Old Testimony and appear in various myths or events.

Indicatively, we mention the ferula (Ferula communis), in the shoot of which, Prometheus hid the fire and carried it secretly from the Gods to the people, Acanthus (Acanthus spp.) the leaves of which, rumor has it, have inspired the Korinthian chapiters. In addition to that, conium is cultivated (Conium maculatum) which was drunk by Socrates and led to the philosopher’s death, Paliurus (Paliurus aculeatus) of which Christ’s acanthine crown was made and the lily (Lilium candidum), which, according to the Christian tradition Virgin Mary took from the angel that was sent by God. (source: Botanic Garden Brochure)

Diomidis Garden, thanks to its organization and beauty, is the ideal place for all nature lovers: parents who wish to instill to their children love and respect for environment, walkers and all those who like to jog in an environment of amazing vegetation, friends who wish to relax, picnic and have lovely discussions under the shadow of trees, people who want spiritual calmness, as well as lovers whose wandering in the garden is another reason for them to “live again the experience of paradise taste”

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