Parnassos National Park (Central Greece)

Established in 1938, Pamassos National Park covers an area of 3,600 hectares. The predominant species of vegetation is the fir and there is a wide variety of rare plants such as Peonia Pamassica, Thyinus Pamassicus, Astragalus Pamassii, etc.

The main species that grows in the sun-alpine meadows is the fescue grass along with many kinds of wild plum-tree.The fauna of the area comprises Greece’s commonest wild animals, such as the fox, hare, sguirrel and jackal. There are also some rare species of bird, like the hawk and vulture, as well as a tremendous number of passerines and members of the crow familly. There is a wide variety of snakes and insects.

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Lat:  38.55246141354152

Long:  22.35443115234375