Blue caves of Zakynthos

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There are many sea caves in the scenic island of Zakynthos, created by the geological changes of the past. These caves literally bewitch the visitor with the colourings of the waters, the shapes of the rocks, etc. The most impressive caves are:

The Blue cave
This cave is near the cape Skinari, near the village Korithi, in the location Aspros Vrachos or else Krimnos. The cave was found in 1897.

There are two chambers communicating with each other. The waters are amazingly clear and have a wonderful colouring. In fact, they are phosphorescent.

The height of the chambers reaches the 4 m and the width the 6 m. Special boats make visits inside the cave. The boats start from Alykes, the port of Zakynthos and other ports. It is one of the most important sights in Zakynthos.

The blue cave of Xigias
This cave is situated near between Alykes and the settlement Koroni. It has transparent waters, which make reflections and have an intense smell of sulphuretted hydrogen. The boats to the cave start from small ports and bays in the region.

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