Winery Katogi&Strofilia at Metsovo

The history of the production of wine at Metsovo begins in the late 1950s, when Evangelos Averoff planted on the slopes of the Pindus the first vines in Greece of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety and bottled in the cellar (katogi) of his house the wine which takes the name of Katogi Averoff.

Today, Katogi & Strofilia cultivates vineyards at Metsovo (St Nicholas Monastery, Yiniets), in Eastern Zagori (Voutsa Monastery), and in Eastern Macedonia. The winery, which is in the village of Metsovo, is the centre of the making of the red wine of Katogi & Strofilia, with a cellar with hundreds of French oak barrels and premises for the agaeing of the wines in ideal conditions of temperature and humidity.

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Lat:  39.78426800449773

Long:  21.155548095703125