Forest Village

The forest village “ERYMANTOS” is situated at the municipality of Stavroupolis of the Prefecture of Xanthi at the Public Forest Drimos (Woodland), 1.350 m height. It is consisted of twelve wooden houses with two rooms of gross surface 65 square meters, with an accommodating ability of 4-5 persons.

It was constructed aiming to bring people close to forest environment, and creating, at the same time, a place of recreation and environmental training.

The basic access is through an asphalt roadway from Xanthi, following the route Stavroupolis – Kariofito – Leivaditi – Forest Village. Access is also available from Drama, following the route Paranesti – Neochori – Kariofito – Leivaditi – Forest Village, as well as from Kavala, following the route: Chrisoupolis – Zarkadia – Kehrokampos – Stavroupolis – Kariofito – Leivaditi – Forest Village.

Arriving at the forest village you can visit:

-The waterfall of the area, 35 m height, which is characterized as the largest in the Balkans, following the trail through the forest, made by the Forest Inspection Authority.
-The top of Gyftokastro, 1,745m height, with a panoramic view of neighboring Bulgaria. There is access from a 4km path that comes over pine trees.
-The lammergeyers clusters, a preserved monument of nature.
-The bridge of Leonida, on the road to Arkoudomera, an important location in the past.
-The castle of Kaliva, a significant archeological sight of the area, with a panoramic view of the Nestos valley.
-The Macedonian tomb at the municipality of Komninon.
-The meander of river Nestos from the view point of the village Imera.
-The folklore museum of Stavroupolis, in the municipality and the church of Evaggelistria.
-The picturesque villages “Pomakohoria”.
-The turf areas.

Finally you can travel around the mountainous region, if you have a 4X4 car, through a wide network of forest roads.There are taverns and coffee shops around the area, where you can dine and have fun.

The forest village “ERIMANTHOS” is 35 km away from Stavroupolis, 65 km away from Xanthi, 88 km away from Kavala and 220 km away from Thessaloniki.

Municipal Development Corporation “NESTOS-RODOPI”Τel. 25420 21008 – 25410 63710

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Lat:  41.25716209782704

Long:  24.85107421875