AROLITHOS – The original Traditional Cretan Village

It is a village, which has ragged grandeur of wild mountains as a background. Its architecture is genuine Cretan whilst the materials are also genuine old. AROLITHOS reminds the visitors how Crete was several years ago.

In the traditional village AROLITHOS the visitors can see two traditional houses that display the architecture and the decoration of very old houses of Crete.

AROLITHOS is unique in Crete and in whole Greece. Its aim is to show and promote the tradition of Crete to all over the world. A great deal of travelers visit the village of Arolithos every year.

The village of AROLITHOS is a private property which belongs to the family of Mr Saloustros.

The visitor who is interested in folklore and would like to see in practice the artistic activity which has been kept unchanged today in embroidery, weaving, ceramics, hagiography and pottery should not miss the unique traditional village of Arolithos.

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Heraklion, Crete



Lat:  35.34649548039281

Long:  24.9993896484375