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In a ranch, nearthe village of Axos, within a piece of land of 40 square meters, consisting of cultivations typical of the Cretan land, such as olive trees, fruit-bearing trees, crofts and gardens, as well as natural, wild, uncultivated vegetation including oak trees, carobs, hollies, mapletrees, platans and numerous species of the Cretan flora:

-We built one-storeyed and double-storeyed houses (maisonettes), scattered within the farm, characterized by their traditional architecture, as well as natural materials.
-We organized areas of gathering, pleasure, relaxation, as well as recreational activities. We constructed settlements in order to sheltertraditional arts and skills (jacquard, cheese-making procedures, caldron of producing raki, forge, oil factory) and a variety of other home handicrafts with authentic articles and instruments.
-We tracedeasy, as well as rough paths for you to follow during your walks in the breathtaking countryside.
-We set up a farm with different kinds of animals and birds that provide us with milk, eggs, meat, but alsoaccompany and assist us in our walks in the countryside, such as donkeys and horses.
-We made a banquet room covering 140 m 2 to host a variety of recreational events, exhibitions and conferences.
-We made a swimming pool for refreshing moments during the hot summer.

All buildings and establishmentsare customized to the natural environment, in such a manner that they actually create the impression that they are an integral part of nature.

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Rethymno Crete



Lat:  35.27701633139884

Long:  24.833221435546875