Patras Paragliding Club

The Patras paragliding Club founded in 1990 is one of the first paragliding athletic clubs that started in Greece. Based on the will and the passion of its members, they have managed to bring to the attention of the greater public the idea of aerial sports. The club became a full member of the Hellenic Aeronautical and Air sports Federation and belongs to the General secretary of Athletics. It is officially recognised.

Meteorological seminars, Wind behaviour, First Aid and Rescuing are accomplished at Patras Paragliding Club. For that reason Greek and foreign specialists are invited to lecture the members on how to fly with safety by having greater knowledge of the subject.

They co-operate with Aeronautical clubs in Greece and from other countries, in order to train the members and for them to gain experience from advanced Greek and foreign pilots. At the same time, the club takes the initiative, with the participation of its members; to take part in shows organised by the Western Greece District, the Providence of Achaia and the district municipalities of the Providence. They work with them to protect the natural environment by doing well for society

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Lat:  38.255436376379464

Long:  21.73919677734375