Cycling in Thessaly – 10 exciting routes recommended by you!


Cycling in Thessaly – 10 exciting routes recommended by you!

If not, then it’s time to LIKE us on our social media and travel with us to all the fantastic corners of our country! Use #DiscoverGreece so we can see Greece through your camera lens.The beauty of Thessaly ranges from the impressive to the incomparable! Its nature never fails to enchant its visitors whatever the season of the year and now you are about to experience the magic for yourself. Hop on the saddle, put your faith in pedal power and come and discover 10 exciting cycling routes in Thessaly throughout a network of verdant forest and mountain trails, propelled by your passion for two wheels. has selected 10 of the most WOW-worthy spring and summertime cycling suggestions in Thessaly as shown on the exceptional Coca Cola 3E “Spring in Thessaly” video.

Before we set out, we:

  • Check the tyres
  • Oil the chain
  • Put on the helmet
  • Secure the backpack

… and then we’re off along 10 exciting cycling routes in Thessaly!

#1. Soulis Canyoning – Pelion
Spectacular canyoning up on Pelion

#2. Eleni Karaiskou – Portaria
#Portaria #Pelion #Thessaly #biking #alternativetourism
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#3. Dimitris Pitsilkas – Lake Plastira
Lake Plastira – delightful trails that meander around the lake!

#4. Sokratis Xrisomallos – Trikala
The most beautiful mountain bike route is the old road
from Neraidohori to Pyrra Trikalon!

#5. Elen Athanasiou – Karditsa
Lazarina Karditsas, a wonderful route in the company of gorgeous

#6. Πέτρος Ζιώγας – Karditsa
Vatsounia Karditsas

#7. Vasilis Golias – Meteora
Stare speechless at the jaw-dropping spectacle of Meteora!

#8. Panagiotis Haralampous – Magnesia
Take the biking or hiking option on this coastal tour.

#9. Evi Hliakh – Lake Plastira
Lake Plastira: cycling in the lake!!!

#10. Elen Athanasiou – Trikala
A ride in Trikala, the town that respects its pedestrians and cyclists

Feel free to showcase your cycle experiences or suggestions for Thessaly below in the comments section!

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