Compass adventures – Zagori, Ioannina

Compass adventures is a new agency specializing in outdoor sports. They are based in Zagori region, at north west of Greece. This is the area where Pindos mountain range stretches from northern Greece to the south covering a distance of 230km!

This of course makes it ideal for mountain and nature activities! North Pindos is a protected area which spreads about 2.500 square kilometers and reaches an altitude of 2637m. It is an area of many altitude variations, the lowest being 400m. The surroundings are filled with deep gorges, large forests and are rich in wildlife.

With respect to nature and its ways they have organized and designed programmes that are suitable for everyone! Trekking tours around Pindos and Olympus mountains, easy or hard, multi activities for families and company groups and also skiing on organized ski resorts or ski touring out on the backcountry of Pindos Mountains!

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Kato Pedina, Zagori, Ioannina



Lat:  39.90130858574735

Long:  20.6707763671875