Canoeing in Voidomatis river

Starting from the new bridge over the river of Voidomatis near the village Aristi in Zagori, the route with a canoe until the old stone bridge of Voidomatis near Klidonia (Konitsa) is absolutely breathtaking. The smooth and crystal-clear waters of the river with its turquoise color justify fully the characterization of the river as the cleanest and most beautiful river in Europe.

The route is 4 km long and passes through the beautiful gorge of Voidomatis without specific difficulties. It’s a unique opportunity to see the National park of Vikos – Aoos from the inside.

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[flexiblemap center=”39.85750763456496,20.743131637573242″ title=”Canoeing in Voidomatis river” directions=”true” dirdraggable=”true” width=”100%” zoom=”12″ hidestreetview=”false” hidescale=”false”]
Lat:  39.85750763456496

Long:  20.743131637573242

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