Museum of Engravings and Graphic Arts

To date, over 3000 works of Greek engravers have been collected, as well as 300 books and other objects related to the field of Graphic Arts. The present administration of the Ionian Bank has already secured a building to house the collection and is proceeding to the foundation of the first Museum of Engravings and Graphic Arts in Greece, which is also the one of the very few in the whole Europe. The Museum is housed in an attractive neoclassical building in Aghias Philotheis Street, near the Cathedral church Athens.

The Museum aims to cover the entire spectrum of modern Greek engraving as well as that of foreign artists who have chosen subjects related to Greece.

Some of the most important exhibits of the museum are:

– G. Kefalinos, “The Fox”, from the book entitled “The Peacock”, woodcut.

– D. Giannoukakis: “Vase with roses”, copper engraving.

– A. Tassos: “Fishermen”, woodcut.

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