The venetian castle in Bochali

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The venetian castle is situated on a verdant hilltop near the settlement Bochali, Zakynthos. According to written sources, it was built on the remains of the ancient citadel Psofida. After a series of reconstruction of the walls, which followed a number of earthquakes, the fortification works ended in 1646.

It was then that the cobbled road was built, also known as Strada Giustiniana or Sartzada, which lead to the shore. The English conquerors made significant interventions and repairs in the castle, such as repairs of the walls, construction of a system to gather the rainwater, sewage and irrigation works, etc.

Today, only the external walling and the main gate are still preserved. The Venetian emblem with the lions of St. Mark. Archaeological excavations brought to light a larganumber of churches dated from the 11th century to the 18th century AD, and also finds from the Prehistoric to post-Byzantine period.

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Lat:  37.78350268418323

Long:  20.89548110961914