The Old Parliament Building

The Old Parliament Building is located on Stadiou Street, in the square where the statue of Theodoros Kolokotronis, Commander-in-Chief of the Revolution of 1821, is also situated. The building is an architectural jewel in the centre of Athens and one of the most historic buildings of the city.

This neo-classical building was the first permanent residence of the Greek Parliament. Queen Amalia laid its foundation stone in 1858, and it was built according to the plans of Francois Boulanger, which were later modified by the Greek architect Panayotis Kalkos. The Greek Parliament sat in the Old Parliament Building from 1875 to 1932. After the transfer of the Parliament to the Old Palace (today’s Parliament Building), it was assigned by prime minister Eleftherios Venizelos, to permanently house the National Historical Museum, an institution whose work is interwoven with the historical identity of the building.

The Congress Hall of the Old Parliament Building brings to the minds of its visitors many historic occasions in Greek history. It is from this rostrum that Harilaos Trikoupis said the famous phrase “Unfortunately we have gone bankrupt” in 1893. Here also Eleftherios Venizelos announced with great enthusiasm the signing of the Treaty of Serves in 1920, and here was proclaimed the First Hellenic Democracy in1924.

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Lat:  37.92686760148135

Long:  23.66455078125