The Environmental Education Center (E.E.C.) of Kastoria

► The Environmental Education Center (E.E.C.) of Kastoria was founded after a programmatic pact between the Greek Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Kastoria at the end of 1995.

► Between the Municipality of Kastoria and the Ministry a 15-year pact was signed for the operation of the Center.

► The Municipality granted the building and supports the Center with technical and financial services.

► Respectively, the Ministry funds the Center through an account with a partial contribution from the European Union.

The Environmental Education Center of Kastoria is one of the first Centers that were founded in Greece. Nowadays there are 69 E.E.Cs in different parts of the coun
To stimulate young peoples’ thoughts towards environmental issues so that attitudes and co-operational behavior is developed, which will contribute to the protection of the ecological balance and the quality of life towards sustainable development.

  • To implement 1 to 3-day environmental education programs for schools in primary and secondary education which visit the E.E.C. of Kastoria.
  • To implement informal extracurricular environmental education programs for youth groups.
  • To support the environmental education programs of schools within the range of activities of the E.E.C. of Kastoria.
  • To produce educational – informational materials (printed matter, audiovisual etc.,) and pilot programs – guides for schools.
  •  To co-operate with the scientific institutions at a local, national and international level for exchange of scientific information, research, documentation and co-operation for the production of educational programs.
  • To organize and realize educational seminars for teachers and educational programs for other adults in co-operation with governmental and non-governmental institutions.
  • To promote research in the area of Environmental Education.

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