Autumn in Thessaly – 10 fairytale-like destinations you love

Autumn in Thessaly – 10 fairytale-like destinations you love



Autumn in Greece is incomparable; no doubt about that! The palette of colours begins to change with yellow, red and orange hues decorating the length and breadth of the country. The deciduous trees create this inspiring backdrop, upon which the first raindrops fall and where the first hint of a crisp north wind signal the change of season in the sweetest way possible.

Thessaly has taught us that spring and summer can be unforgettable if you choose to experience them in one of the rare destinations it has to offer.

After the 10 gorgeous cycling trails and 10 fantastic beaches in Thessaly, it is time for you to take us to 10 fairytale-like autumnal destinations in Thessaly! has chosen 10 that you presented in your comments on the Coca Cola 3E video Autumn in Thessaly!

Today we “lose ourselves” with you along picturesque footpaths and through tiny villages with a fairy-tale aura tucked between mountain slopes…

#1. Katerina Niarchou – Pili, Trikala

Just 18km away from the city of Trikala, Pili presides over the
landscape, a town with a long history and rich cultural heritage.

#2. Βικτώρια Χαρανά – Kissos, Pelion

Almost hidden in dense vegetation, it is an essential chapter in
Thessaly’s book of autumnal wonders!

#3. Olga Athanasiou – MOUZAKI, KARDITSA

A gorgeous town between Trikala and Karditsa, very near
Lake Plastira, Elati and Pertouli with the famed ski centre
Kalampaka and Meteora!

#4. Γιώργος Κττς – Mouria, Trikala

A traditional gem of a village with a unique autumnal ambience!
Ideal for a one-day excursion if you happen to be in the city
of Trikala.

#5. Λάμπρου Βαγγέλης – Megalovryso, Agia!

We couldn’t possibly find a more representative caption than the
one by Vaggelis! “The balcony of Kissavos”.

#6. Litsa Ziourka – Melivia!

Dating back to the end of the Byzantine era, another destination for
an unforgettable expedition to the heart of autumn!

#7. Μαρία Αντωνίου – Ano Gatzea

Agios Georgios Nilias – Ano Gatzea. Hop on Moutzouris, the lovely
little steam train of Pelion, and stop in Ano Gatzea for a cup of
coffee and a visit to the Olive & Oil Museum.
A wonderful ride!!

#8. Xrysa MandrouLake Plastira!!!

Perhaps one of the hottest options for an autumnal expedition!
With a plethora of activities and charming guesthouses, this
lakeside destination gives you plenty to do, after which you can
just sit back and admire its marvellous scenery.

#9. Πάνος Παπαβλάχος – Trikeri, Magnesia

If you visit Volos or Pelion, grab the chance to see Trikeri, a traditional
village by the sea with stone-built houses rising majestically on the

#10. Panagiotis Amitsas – KASTANIA, KALAMPAKA, My beautiful

The magnificent photo, along with his comment, tells us all we want
to know about Panayiotis’ love for his village. Why not post a
favourite photo too?

What more proof do you need that Thessaly hides hundreds of autumnal destinations of incomparable natural beauty? Which Thessaly destination for autumn would you recommend? Give us your answer in a comment below.

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