Alexis Akrithakis

  1. 1939 Alexis Akrithakis was born in Athens  1955 He is obliged to suspend his secondary school studies because he has been suspended as “a dangerous troublemaker” 1956He meets the idiosyncratic philosopher George Makris who acknowledges his talent and encourages him to become a painter 1958He leaves Athens and moves to Paris to live a bohemian life within the cycles of the intelligentsia of this period. 1960He returns to Athens and joins the army 1965 – 66 His first solo exhibitions in Thessaloniki and in Athens 1968 – 84 He gets a D.A.A.D scholarship and moves to Berlin. When this scholarship ends, he decides to stay in Berlin, but he also often visits Greece. 1984He returns to Greece and lives in Athens 1994He dies in Athens 1997A major retrospective exhibition of Alexis Akrithakis works in Athens National Gallery
  2. Romantic, rebellius and unconventional, introvert and impulsive, talented and dreamer, Alexis Akrithakis is one of the most important Greek artists of the 20th century with international recognition. He is one of the principal representatives of modernism! Alexis Akrithakis, was characterized as innovative artist both abroad and in our country. Went against through the imaginative originality of works of visual representation and created his own visual mythology. He was a creative child, and untamed, with a spirit of independence “From very young I loved painting. I was sure that one day I would become a painter. As other children make stories with words, I was making stories with pictures. Fortunately, my instinct was right … “.
  3. Akrithakis is considered one of the most important artists of Greece because of his hieroglyphic, symbolic and repetitive style. Geometrical shapes, bright primary colours and lots of suitcases characterize his work. He used many different materials such as acrylic on card board, oil on canvas, wax crayons, wood etc.
  4. The first phase of work includes compositions linear, black and white, the “Ciki Ciki“. The artist starts from a random point of the paper and leaves his hand and imagination lead him. It looks like beautiful patterns that sometimes children do in class when they are abstract or the patterns we draw when we talk on the phone . The surface of the paper is full of strange shapes. This technique named ciki ciki.
  5. Later began using specific expressive symbols, like the sun, the fire, the eye, the bird, the little heart, helicopter, airplane, boat, arrow and create compositions with strong color contrasts and contours, and the suitcase-adventure , which was a recurring symbol of eternal flight, the unknown and the new, the symbol of adventure.
  6. Alexis Akrithakis uses many different materials to express himself creatively. Besides paintings he is making small projects, puppet shows, mobile theater, constructions and collages. The artist does not hesitate to use whatever inspires him and transforms trash into beautiful art.
  7. Watch a video about his work by clicking the image:
  8. You can also watch this video about Alexi’s artwork We suggest you give your own meaning to Akrithakis symbols and above all to unchain your heart to art and whatever holds you back! Have fun! 7th Primary school Nikaia Greece Etwinning project “Let’s paint together” 2014-2015

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