Summer in Thessaly: 10 superb beaches


Summer in Thessaly: 10 superb beaches!


Summer in Greece comes early and finishes late. And nowhere more so than in Thessaly where summer is  celebrated in fine style on the Sporades islands, Larissa, Pelion mountain and Volos with vibrant moods, breathtaking dives and loads of photos!

After the gorgeous routes for cycling in Thessaly which you recommended, it is now the turn of 10 superb beaches in Thessaly, waiting for you to take the plunge into crystal-clear waters while temperature is still soaring this year or when next summer comes around again!

We  have chosen 10 among hundreds of idyllic Thessaly beaches

Ready to take a dip?

#1. Vasso Karagouni – Bouca, Velika

A blue flag beach, picturesque Velika in Larissa is in fact an extension
of the beaches of Agiokampos and Sotiritsa!

#2. Christos Houliaras – Mylopotamos, Pelion

One of the most attractive beaches in Thessaly, featuring highly
in your comments!

#3. Eleni Azariadi – Platia Ammos! A beach in the prefecture of

Another excellent choice, Platia Ammos Beach with its refreshing
waters and green plane trees.

#4. Polina Antonis Fraggou – Melia, Alonnisos Magnesia

A beach of incomparable natural beauty with crystalline turquoise
waters by day also suitable for nocturnal dips!

#5. Yiannis Taladianos – Hovolo, Skopelos

High and mighty white rocks with imposing pine trees and limpid
waters! A small corner of Paradise.

#6. Mary Tsara

Reading about Mary’s beach suggestions, there’s no mistaking her love of
Thessaly! Highlighted beaches: Stomio, Karitsa, Platia Ammos, Kokkino Nero,
Koutsoupia, Palioura, Velika, Sotiritsa, Agiokampos, Polidendri, Papakosta,

#7. Christina Tsakiri
Our list wouldn’t be complete without Skiathos and Lalaria!

#8. Maria Danou

Maria completed the list of the five best Thessaly beaches, ideal for summer
expeditions. What about you? Highlights: Platanias, Mikro, Lampinou, Melani,

#9. Irene Balasouli

How do you fit so many beaches in one comment? Irene passed the test
with flying colours! Highlighted beaches: Mylopotamos, Lefokastro,
Papa Nero, Rakopotamos, Papakosta, Velika (Buca), Palioura, Koutsoupia,
Kokkino Nero (hot springs), Platia Ammos, Psarolakas, Panagia, Messagala.

#10. Giorgos Tahos

So many of you agreed with George, who put Agiokampos beach in the
top 10 of Thessaly beaches.


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