Traditional Tomatokeftedes Recipe of Santorini

Tomatokeftedes is a traditional dish of Santorini. It is a very popular appetite on the island and its preparation is similar to the preparation of meatballs.
– 3 big tomatoes – 1 onion julienne – 1 cup of flour – 1 gm of baking powder – 1 gm of oregano or peppermint – some olive oil for frying – salt and pepper
Cut the tomatoes in half. Remove the seeds and cut the tomatoes in very small pieces (you can cut them yourself or use a scrub). Empty the tomato mix into a strainer and leave them for an hour. Then, empty the tomatoes into a bowl with the rest of the ingredients and blend. The mixture should be thick. If it is not, add some flavor. Do not put oil in the mix. Put the oil into a deep, nonstick frying pan and heat it well. Cut the mix in small spoonfuls and drop them into the hot oil. Fry them until they grow rosy. Tomatokeftedes are served when they are still hot.