Kumquat Spoon Sweet -Corfu

Kumquat is famous as the traditional product of Corfu. Out of kumquat, the locals make liqueurs and delicious spoon sweets. You can find them in all tourist shops of Corfu or you can make them yourself at home!
400 gr sugar – 400 gr water – 300 gr kumquat fruits Preparation Wash well te kumquat fruits and put them into a basin. Boil about half a liter of water and pour it in the basin, over the fruits. Leave the water to chill and strain the fruits. Then cut them in half. In a casserole, put the sugar, the 400 gr of water and the kumquat fruits. Leave them to boil in low heat for about 30-40 minutes, until the syrup is set. While the sweet is still hot, put it in sterilized jams. Full the jams till the top and, after you have closed them well, upside them down till they get completely cold.