Beer in Greece

Beer has been brewed in Greece since 1834 when the father of brewmaster Johann Karl Fuchs came to Greece as the official brewer of the newly-appointed King of Greece, Otto. In 1864 he founded the Fix brewery in Athens that would become the first major brewery in the country.
Fix Hellas, its most common trademark became synonymous with beer in Greece, enjoying a monopoly in the country for about 100 years until the mid-1960s, operating a number of factories that also produced soft drinks. The brand has had a strong comeback since 2000 with producers making special references to its historic legacy and original taste, thus boosting sales.
There are many local breweries and microbreweries, which aim at high quality products instead of massive production. Craft Beer was begun in Athens in 1997 and brews six unique varieties full of aroma and flavor. Royal, Epos, Pale Ale Special & Real Ale bitter are distinct varieties coming from a small size yet modern brewery based on the island of Corfu.

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