Forest Village

The forest village “Livadaki” is situated on the eastern slopes of Mount Velouchi, 950m height, at the spot –point Livadaki, in west Fthiotis. It includes twenty houses, of two rooms each, 80 beds in total, properly equipped for a comfortable accommodation of the visitors and a restaurant.The basic route is the national road Lamia-Karpenisi, with a by-pass of 7 km towards Megali Kapsi.

The forest village is situated in an area where nature is of extraordinary interchanges and remarkable beauty. The setting is full of greenery, fir trees, chestnut trees and other species of Greek flora. It is also an area with rich historical tradition, archeological sights, and pilgrimages.

During the whole year, the visitor can enjoy nature and escape for a while under the impressing presence of the Mount Velouchi, away from the stress and pollution of large cities. The visitor may also wander around the paths of the area, exercise and observe nature in its functions.

Furthermore, the forest village can be a base for visits at the wonderful picturesque villages that spread around an area of ten kilometers. In the beautiful village Megali Kapsi, in a small distance, people can admire the Holy Trinity church, built in 1749. In Megali Kapsi there are also traditional inns for culinary pleasures.

People can also visit Timfristos – a natural “balcony” towards the valley of river Sperheios – Merkada – a centre of marketing thousands Christmas trees every year, raised in chestnut gardens of the inhabitants – and the picturesque village of Neochori. Very close to Neochori is Mavrilo, known for its gun-powder miles in the past, which played a decisive role during the Upraising of 1821, as they equipped the Greek fighters with this material. People might also admire a unique piece of Byzantine art, the church of St. Dimitrios, built in the 17th century. No one should miss St. George, the centre of the municipality, next to Sperheios River, to admire the old village in Asprokampos and to buy all the supplies necessary for an escape to nature. Further away there are many villages full of green, like Palaiokastro, Dikastro, Perivlepto and Pitsiota as well as the neighboring Euritania.

Visitors will find everywhere the hospitality of the dwellers and local pure products, like “tsipouro” spirit, walnuts, honey and aromatic plants.

But mainly they will get to know the wonderful natural landscape of west Fthiotis, the peace and calmness, of which are so in need nowadays.

Forest village: Tel. 22360 91040-1
Municipality of St. George: Tel. 22360 31470,
fax: 22360 31702

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Lat:  38.74069518185336

Long:  21.912918090820312