Villa in Pitsidia, Crete

The house is built with an eagerness to show off its beauty and love with attention to the details. The whole structure is new from the foundations to the lawn. However, this could only be discerned by an expert’s eye due to the fact that we’ve given it a traditional local style. A style enhanced by the erratic plaster and the areas where it has “fallen” to reveal the stone-built walls along with the wooden floors, wooden beams on the ceiling and the furnishing, adding to its allure the beauty of a 100-year-old structure.

Our aim was to build a house different from the typical ones found for rent. A house made for those who wish to combine their holidays with their stay in an environment designed to truly make them feel at home.

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Pitsidia, Crete



Lat:  35.02774729487063

Long:  24.767303466796875