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Forty-Seven Years Of Offering Authentic Tours Of Greece
At Homeric Tours we don’t simply take you on a tour of Greece. We welcome you into the country we call home. For over forty years we’ve helped everyone from honeymooners to history buffs find personal, authentic Greek travel experiences on both the mainland and the surrounding islands. We have a full-time staff in Athens that knows all the best hotels and shops, how to get the most out of iconic attractions such as the Parthenon, and where to find that perfect taverna for a romantic dinner on Mykonos. As a family business with deep roots in this warm, beautiful country, we’re proud to show you our Greece and eager to help you find yours.


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Your Vacation to Greece
Here you will find a selection of our hand crafted independent and partially escorted itineraries. These itineraries are not packaged group tours, but are independently hosted trips. By taking one of these itineraries, you will be embarking on your own vacation. These itineraries are set up to capture the variety of attractions that Greece has to offer and are a comprehensive selection of vacation ideas.

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If you do not find specifically what you’re looking for by way of our hand crafted itineraries, we are happy to customize an itinerary specific to your needs. By filling out a brief questionnaire, one of our experts will be able to assist you with putting together the right itinerary for your particular needs. Whether your itinerary is slightly modified from our hand-crafted itineraries or a completely customized island hop adventure, you’re in excellent hands for your next trip to Greece.

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