“Therma” at Geras Gulf


Located at the top of the Gulf of Gera and very accessible from the main road artery that leads out of Mytilini, at a distance of 6 km from the capital. Archaeological findings prove that they also were used since ancient times.

During the years of the Turkish occupation they were renovated in the model of Turkish baths (hamam).

Resent renovations have developed the facilities for the hot spring waters to flow into two public, domed bathing-pools, one for men and the other for women. The indoor pools are comfortable, while on the sides there are suitable arched sections for steam baths and inhalation therapy. They are changing rooms and showers available.

The water is sub saline, carbonic and it contains chlorine, with a temperature of 39.5o C (1.l8 units of radioactivity). They are recommended for the treatment of abdominal pains and dropsy.

There is a restaurant and refreshment bar on site, as well as sport facilities for tennis, mini soccer etc.

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Geras Gulf Lesvos



Lat:  39.06451486901886

Long:  26.531982421875