The Neolithic Settlement at Makrigialos – Pieria

To the west of Ancient Pydna and the South west of present day Makrigialos lies one of the largest pre-historic settlements in Greece. It came to light as the result of excavations carried out by the 16th Society for Prehistoric and Classical Studies, which began in1992. The site was excavated over an area of 60 sq km, though it is estimated that the area of the settlement covered something like 500 sq. km.

It included dwellings and land under cultivation, and artifacts such as clay pots, stone tools from a wide range of materials and small utensils were found. Idols made of clay and marble also came to light, as did the charred remains of seeds and a plethora of animal bones.

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Makrigialos, Pieria

Lat:  40.39310368214128

Long:  22.504806518554688