The formation of the city-state

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the formation of the city-state, the classical period, the expedition of Alexander the Great and other important events in Ancient Greece. The formation of the city-state In the 8th century BC, the Dorian’s rule declined and the towns started to re-emerge. Two towns, Argos and Corinth began trades with the Near East and a wealthy elite group emerged from trading. These two ports were specialized in the manufacture of luxury goods and products like olive oil, wine and wheat that were stored and transported in pot vases. This is why pottery was also developed that time. In trade contacts with the Phoenicians, they adopted their phonetic alphabet and other innovations. Many Greek colonies based on trade and agriculture were founded all around the Mediterranean Basin and the Black Sea. This way, the Greek culture started slowly to grow and gradually more than 150 colonies were established. These colonies had strong connections with the mother town and provided economic and military support to each other. Another interesting fact is that poetry started to develop that time. The first poets were sung by professional singers with the accompaniment of music. In the 8th century, two poems that were sung as part of tradition since the 12th century BC were sung by Homer and written down by his students. These poems were the Iliad and the Odyssey.

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