Things to do with Kids in Greece: Athens and the Greek Islands


With a rich history about one of the greatest civilizations on earth and a Mediterranean coast that draws attention to its statues, Greece is an ideal destination for families. The capital city of Athens is located on the south-eastern coast of mainland Greece. To the west lies the Peloponnese, which was the home of an Aegean civilization, to the north, the green hills hold the ancient treasures of mythology such as Delphi. However, the main tourist attractions of the country, aside Athens, are its numerous islands fanning to the south and east of Athens, on the Mediterranean Sea. So we invite you to check out this post and learn more about fabulous things to do with kids in Greece.

Things to do with Kids in Greece


Located east of the Peloponnese and south of the rest of Greece, Athens has attracted visitors for thousands of years. Kids love visiting the Acropolis. You can visit it just before sunset and admire the beautiful colours that paint the buildings. At sunset, you can stand on the rocks nearby and see how the orange and yellow tones are reflected in the modern city of Athens.

Another fabulous place for visiting is the old Olympic Stadium, known as the Panathinaiko Stadium. This is where the ancient Olympic Games began. Your kids can enjoy a lovely visit to the stadium and climb to the seats, visit the track, sit as a guest of the throne of honour, and walk the tunnel to the court like real athletes. After a visit to the stadium, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll around nearby areas like Syntagma Square, the adjacent gardens or spend a lovely afternoon visiting the shops in the narrow streets of Monastiraki.

Greek Islands

The Greek islands are divided into seven different island groups: Argosaronica, Cyclades, Dodecanese and Crete (to the south), Sporades and Aegean (off the east coast) and Ionian (off the west coast). The most popular islands for tourists include Mykonos, Naxos and Santorini in the Cyclades, Corfu and Zante in the Ionian Sea, Rhodes, in the Dodecanese and Crete. It’s true that all the Greek Islands are beautiful and perfect for unforgettable holidays soaking up the sun in the Mediterranean; however, these 3 locations are perfect for travelling either with toddlers and grown-up kids.



Naxos is famous for its numerous “backpackers”, camping lodges and bars along the beaches. There are some interesting ruins, such as the Temple of Apollo, which offers excellent sunsets and a great place for children to explore. Naxos is a great destination for families to wander through its narrow, cobbled and winding alleys through white buildings surrounded by bougainvillaea bushes. Furthermore, if you are looking for beautiful kid friendly hotels, Naxos features the best resorts, from luxurious hotels to cosy hostels.



Like Naxos, Sifnos is fabulous for a family with kids. The Island of Sifnos, synonymous with white beaches and beaches, olive trees and myrtles, monasteries and picturesque villages, seems to have opened a new era. Like the nearby island of Serifos, Sifnos has changed its image in favour of glamour and design. The weather is wonderful all year round and the summer heat is tempered by the north wind, much appreciated by the Greeks. Certainly, Sifnos is a picturesque Island with a long tradition in ceramics, famous for its windmills and fields with stone walls, but mainly for its large numerous of churches and idyllic beaches. Among its fabulous attractions, there is also the Kastro de Sifnos, a fortified town built on the ruins of the ancient capital of Sifnos. Certainly, nothing stimulates more the imagination of the little ones, than the villages that have a lot of history and which are also protected by beautiful walls.



The Island of Paxos is one of the smallest of the Ionian Sea, with about 25 km², 10 long and 4 wide, which offers impressive panoramas on its western coast. Paxos is a small green and wooded island, a hidden paradise dotted with olive groves, which are fundamental to its economy. Certainly, Paxos is perfect if you are visiting Greece with kids, as it’s a safe island with beautiful beaches perfect for unforgettable family holidays.

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